AUCSC and AUSG Partnership

The following document outlines the new relationship between AUSG and the AUCSC as outlined by President Nate Bronstein and Director Stephen Bronskill.

AUCSC Leadership (click for larger image)

AU Student Government:
Facilitating the AU Community Service Coalition

The American University Community Service Coalition is dedicated to bringing together a diverse group of campus organizations to work towards a common effort in serving our Washington D.C. community. The coalition works to plan, publicize and participate in a variety of service activities across our region. We welcome all campus clubs and organizations to join our coalition that is dedicated to fighting for social, environmental, and economic justice as well as making service a lasting part of our American University community.

The Community Service Coalition will make service opportunities easy, accessible, and fun to join. Instead of creating a new club to complete community service, the coalition will work to employ existing institutions at AU to publicize events and increase turnout at community service events. The student government will play a vital role in facilitating the AUCSC, publicizing events, and achieving the goals of the coalition.

Read the full document here:
Student Government Community Service Coalition

Objective I: Help Unite our Campus Community
The American University Community Service Coalition aims to bring our campus together in the spirit of serving others. American University is at its best when it serves and gives back to our incredible Washington D.C. community. Organizations at AU lead frequent community service outings, but they are either not open to all students or lack the resources to communicate with our entire campus community.

The Community Service Coalition will work to solve this problem by uniting as many campus organizations as possible in the pursuit of a shared goal – leaving our campus and our city better off when we graduate than when we first arrived at AU. By serving as an umbrella organization and a partner with the community service center, the service coalition can employ the listservs and networks of existing AU institutions to publicize service events and increase participation among students. The coalition also serves as a conduit to create change on campus as individual organizations can employ the membership of the service coalition to tackle a project on campus that would be difficult to achieve with the resources of only one club.

Objective II:  Make Service a Central Part of the American University Culture  
While the Community Service Center is a great resource for students looking to get involved in our Washington D.C. community, service needs to be a more central part of campus life at American University. Students have an obligation to give back to the community that worked so hard to help us reach where we are today. At the Freshman Service Experience and other events, AU students have demonstrated the incredible potential we have to make a difference through community service. By offering more service opportunities and ways to get involved, student government can help promote an altruistic AU that serves others, cares about our community, and works to build a better tomorrow.

Objective III:  Lead Weekly Trips to Serve our Washington D.C. Community
The Community Service Coalition will lead service trips to aid organizations and individuals on campus and in our broader D.C. community. We will engage in service projects from environmental cleanups to working at soup kitchens. By making a commitment to serve a diverse group of organizations, we can attract students on campus with a variety of interests so that on a given month of service events, at least one will be appealing to everyone.
By partnering with the student government, the AU Community Service Coalition will have the resources it needs to bring our campus together around a common purpose to serve our community and help others.
Student Government Community Service Initiative and AUCSC Leadership
For your consideration, here is a final list of appointments to administer the student government community service initiative and the AUCSC. All nominees filled out a detailed application and have expressed a strong willingness to serve in the AUCSC.


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